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"The Dark Crystal" sequel is on

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  • "The Dark Crystal" sequel is on

    Henson taps 'Dark' lord
    Helmer becomes 'Crystal' clear

    The Jim Henson Co. has set Genndy Tartakovsky to direct "Power of the Dark Crystal," sequel to 1982 fantasy film "The Dark Crystal." Tartakovsky will involve his Orphanage Animation Studios to take the lead on the CG animation elements for the puppet-driven film.

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    Re: "The Dark Crystal" sequel is on

    This gives me some hope for the film as I LOVE Tartovsky's work, however it doesn't really seem suited for what The Dark Crystal needs. I'm still very very worried about this movie.
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      Re: "The Dark Crystal" sequel is on

      I really question the need for a sequel. Certainly the world and characters are rich enough to support one, but it's not like there are lingering plot thred from the original. It seems like a shallow attempt to cash in on the originals clut following.

      I also just don'thave much faith that the spirit, tone and feel of the original will be kept in a sequel. Let's face it, as amazing as The Dark Crystal is it's a rather slow, laid back affair most of the time. I just don't see a current production being able to maintain that tone. And in my mind that tone needs to be maintained since it's a large part of my appreciation of the original.

      I'm highly skeptical.
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        Re: "The Dark Crystal" sequel is on

        If Peter Jackosn would've done it, it would've been full of CGI and 3+ hrs long!


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          Re: "The Dark Crystal" sequel is on

          A link back to this article posted in the News Forum.


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            Re: "The Dark Crystal" sequel is on

            very interesting...


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              Re: "The Dark Crystal" sequel is on

              I just keep thinking of Farscape, and my hopes stay high...
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