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CSI Season Finale/Cliffhanger

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  • CSI Season Finale/Cliffhanger

    So what did you guys think? I think it was great but I always hate cliffhangers. I'm going to use the spoiler box just incase anyone else hasn't watched their TiVO yet.

    I was excited to see Sarah and Grissom together. It was about time they cleared up that storyline from a few season ago. I was kind of mad that more didn't come up with Brass' daughter, but she looked like she realized the extent of everything going on at the end.

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    Re: CSI Season Finale/Cliffhanger

    Honestly ... for the most part I thought the episode was rather boring. The cliffhanger was indeed something CSI fans have been waiting to see for awhile. Now the question is ... did it just start happening now, or has it been ongoing. It certainly looked like it wasn't the first time ... they seemed rather comfy together in that situation.

    I thought the episode was going to concentrate more on the whole Brass thing ... I think they could have/should have done that. The two cases they were working on were kind of blah.


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      Re: CSI Season Finale/Cliffhanger

      It surprised me too. I thought there would definetly be more focus on Brass. I was waiting to hear about his daughter a bit more and stuff. Did they ever solve the guy with the girl case? I didn't understand that part.


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