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Vault Disney Channel?

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  • Vault Disney Channel?

    I am 20 years old, and I HATE the current crap that is on the Disney Channel. I remember when the programming was diverse and entertaining for the whole family, now the station seems content with showing endless reruns of That's So Raven and the like. I suppose as far as ratings and target demographics go, the current Disney Channel is doing very well, but it is neglecting an entire demographic! I would pay for a Vault Disney channel hands down. If they showed classic Disneyland episodes, cartoons, and movies, I would be thrilled. I am so young and when I read a lot of your memories I get a little bit jealous sometimes! I've bought every Walt Disney Treasure, all the special edition DVD's (w/ lithos and everything) and I am starting to build my own Disney History collection of books, and art. I would love to see something about historical Disney on premium services. I am also a big fan of the Toon Disney channel, since I grew up watching the Disney Afternoon. My point is, look at all the people that read these boards, and think of all the other sites that are similar... That's a lot of profit for Disney, and they should consider us as well as the pre-teens group...

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    I totally agree. I liked watching Disney Channel late at night because they'd show the classic cartoons or even the specials Disneyland used to have (I kept hoping I'd see the Pirates development). I don't get Toon Disney and even then they don't show all the classics. I still have a 10-video set of old cartoons and I noticed there were new sets released of Mickey, Donald and Goofy.

    Guess it's the Treasures collection for me.


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      Chip & Dale was released as well.

      I truly miss Vault Disney it completely messed up my order of what I watched before falling asleep. Maybe one of these days they will come out with a new channel for us Disney Geeks. I never really got into the old Mickey Mouse Club. I LOVED the beginning of Vault Disney always reminded me of a cool dark ride.


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        I loved Vault Disney, too. I think if there was a Vault Disney channel that showed classic footage from the old Mickey Mouse Club, the building of Disneyland, Spin and Marty and even cartoons with the classic characters, I'd watch.
        Without a doubt.


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          Yes I definitely think this is a great idea... I've actually e-mailed Disney about this before! This would be something I'd be interested in for sure!


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            Originally posted by Rainfully
            Yes I definitely think this is a great idea... I've actually e-mailed Disney about this before! This would be something I'd be interested in for sure!
            I was thinking that the only problem with it would be that Disney would make us pay through the nose for it. It seems that way with things you want from a big company.


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              Vault Disney was the best. I miss those. I too have the entire 'Treasures" series up to date. I really enjoyed th Mickey Mouse Club. The Treasures MMC
              was sold out at The Disney Store. Gee, I wonder why?
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                Even if they came up with an older version of TOON Disney, I'd be happy. I like the older cartoons A LOT more than those in House of Mouse and Mickey Mouse Works...


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                  I was just thinking about some of the old shows I used to love... I would LOVE to see old episodes of Welcome to Pooh Corner and Dumbo's Circus!!

                  Every morning when I was little I would watch Mousercise, You and Me Kid, Pooh Corner and Dumbo. Sooooooo much better than the morning kids programming they have now!

                  (ok... so every now and then I dig an episode of Out of the Box or Rolie Polie Olie...)


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                    Dumbo's Circus!!!! I forgot about that show! It was mad cool, and so was that Alice in Wonderland show!


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                      Ohhhh how I miss Vault Disney...It came on here in MN around midnight on the Disney channel I used to watch that every night I loved the MMC and the Spin and Marty serial was great! I wish they would bring that back instead of showing Boy Meets World (ick), Recess, Lizzie, and Braceface!


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                        Those old shows and the entire old programming for that matter of the Disney Channel was so much better. I liked the variety and how the shows had some quality and thought put into them.
                        I, like so many others, wish for the days of yore.


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                          I enjoyed Walt Disney World: Inside Out with Scott Herriot, as well as Adventures in Wonderland when I was younger, and Walt Disney Presents I never missed on the good old 'box with mouse ears' channel.

                          I can't find Gummi Bears anywhere anymore.
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                            Ya know, I look through my early collection of The Disney Channel Magazine, and wish TDC still offered even a fraction of that same programming. The early 80's programming rocked.


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                              Vault Disney was fantastic. I'm glad I filled up six or so tapes with episode of "Disneyland" and True-Life Adventures while I could.

                              The current incarnation of the Disney Channel is annoying in the extreme. I think even if I were a kid I'd find it annoying.
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