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    I don't really know if this qualifies as Entertainment, but it's technically a play so I'll give it a try. Basically my High School put on a huge production today. It started off with police coming into classrooms and reading obituaries for kids who were "killed" by drunk drivers. (The kids were all still alive but when their obit was read, they had to leave the class and couldn't come back for the day) Memorials were then posted on their lockers to be read by all. Then the whole school went to the parking lot, where two cars had apparently crashed into each other. (Obviously fake as there were bleachers set up right in front of them.) As soon as the student body was in the parking lot, Police cars immediately began to speed towards the school with sirens on. Shortly after a fire truck and ambilance arrived. The "injured" kids from the accident were dealt with by paramedics, and the "drunk" teen who caused the accident was arrested. The crowd seemed to be bored with the production, until the helicopter arrived and landed on our football field. (It was pretty sweet). Then the coroner arrived and took away the girl who died. After the show we all walked back to class, to find that a graveyard had been set up for all the kids who had died "Every 15 Minutes" throughout the schoolday. I must admit seeing my friends graves was strange. It was a nice break from the average school day, but I think it would have been more effective if we weren't told it was a staged production. This was done for legal reasons because the other high school in our town did it a few months earlier and didn't tell that it was fake and some kids apparently stopped breathing when they saw their best friends dead, and of course in this little town, we have many a lawyer/parent so there was some suing. And that's my story.

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    My high school did this too. It was always something the theatre kids got into. Now I was a theatre kid, but I always resented the scare tactics way of getting kids to be good, so I never participated. If it works, more power to the people who came up with it, but I don't think I'd ever get itno it.
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