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E-ticket memories - Inside Bay Area 5/26/05

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  • E-ticket memories - Inside Bay Area 5/26/05

    Article from Inside Bay Area available at - 5/26/05
    E-ticket memories
    We received too many reader memories of Disneyland to publish with our May 15 package on the park's 50th anniversary, so we're including more here today.

    A weighty ride

    I was a year old living in Southern California when Disneyland first opened. My mom checked it out that first year, but I don't think I had my first adventure there until much later.

    I knew right away that this place was made for me. It had the brightest colors and welcomed me into its world of fun, magic and adventure. This place wasn't just some rides at the beach. This place was a world of its own that invited people in to experience things that they hadn't before. "America the Beautiful" in 360 degree CircleVision was the most impressive. We stood in the middle of the room and were surrounded by projection screens, giving the feeling of actually being in that place. Each screen had its own image showing us places as if we were there. Looking to the front we saw the Lincoln Memorial and looking to the back we saw the Washington Monument. And around the country we went, seeing wonderful parts of the United States, tantalizing me to want to go in person. I loved that the audience could look onto any screen and focus on the one that was the most interesting. The view was extraordinary, the music stirring. It took my breath away.
    My finger points.

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