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The Disneyland we knew - OC Register 5/29/05

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  • The Disneyland we knew - OC Register 5/29/05

    Article from The OC Register available at (free registration required) - 5/29/05
    The Disneyland we knew
    Teenage summer hires shared a bond playing their Magic Land roles

    The Tustin resident is a finance manager at a local electronics firm.

    Since Disneyland is almost officially 50 years old, I guess those of us locals who can remember opening day have to 'fess up to being of a similar age. Though I wasn't there on that famous day, my parents insisted to me that we did visit one time that same summer. I say insist because I have no recollection although I'm told I had a good time despite being scared to death by the wicked witch in the Snow White ride ("Have an apple, dearie").

    However, there are thousands of fellow Orange County old-timers like me who can probably remember at least one special day related to Disneyland: the date we began a first day of summer employment. For me, the day was May 1, 1971, and the glamorous job to which I was assigned was sweeping trash and preventing other foreign substances from otherwise adhering to the shoes of the guests.
    My finger points.

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