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  • Prison Break

    Anybody else into this show??? My wife got me hooked from the first season and I just can't get enough of it!!!!
    What did you think of tonights episode???

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    Re: Prison Break

    we watched the first season and LOVED it, so far this season we've got every episode on our DVR and when we get some time we're gonna have a huge marathon of Prison Break

    so i'll probably have to avoid this thread after this, dont' want to read any surprises
    Will there be screams when the sun sets,
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      Re: Prison Break

      I won't give anything away then.


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        Re: Prison Break

        Any thoughts on the season finale?
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          Re: Prison Break

          Well Bill Fichtner's work as 'Mahone' continues to elevate this show far beyond it's already wonderful cast, storylines and original concept. Amazing turn of events with Kellerman's testimony and Sara's release leaving her free to follow Michael and Linc to deliver the good news.
          Putting both he and Michael behind bars (along with Brad Bellick) was an inspired twist, not to mention hanging the fates of the others still on their trail. Great to see that they were renewed for a third season, can't wait for Fall!

          PRISON BREAK - Season 2

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