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Eisner: Micro-managing Web Content

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  • Eisner: Micro-managing Web Content

    Micheal Eisner, former CEO of the Walt Disney Company, is up to his old form at Veoh, the video streaming company he puchased a year ago. Users apparently who submit content actually have Michael Eisner approving scripts.

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    Re: Eisner: Micro-managing Web Content

    Im just wondering..what is this strange fascination with Michael Eisner ?? Cant we just be glad he is out of Disney and leave him alone ? Personally, if I never hear his name again, that would be fine with me !!

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      Re: Eisner: Micro-managing Web Content

      people want to see him fail...just like harris and makes them happy...I don't get it either.


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        Re: Eisner: Micro-managing Web Content

        I for one get a warm fuzzy feeling when I hear or read of Eisner failing. I'm not sure where it comes from, but I kinda like it!!! I know he did great things, but when I see another being built and the MK in such poor condition, I know it is the legacy of Eisner. It's gonna take a little while to erase his 2 decades of micro ruling. I just hope they don't kill the golden goose.

        Funny how they have money to build all those DVC's but can't seem to fund anything of substance in the parks.


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