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Voice of Tigger and voice of Piglet both pass away

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  • Voice of Tigger and voice of Piglet both pass away

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    Yes, we posted them in the news forum.

    I just screamed when I heard this. I love Piglet. John was a very talented voice character. It was his voice that helped create the Piglet character we now know (and I love) almost 40 years ago. I am a big fan of animation, especially 2D and I take the news as a time to reflect and realize how much one individual contributed to these works of art I cerish. Even as Walt said, he IS and was Piglet. He not only contributed the voice but also many of his mannerisms as the animators created this lovable little Piglet.

    When the Tigger news came up, I was saddened, but said it'll be really bad when Piglet dies. At least Piglet's BIG Movie was made a couple of years ago with the original voice.

    My only concern now is what will happen next for Piglet's voice. Jim Cummings took the role of Tigger as he was already voicing Winnie the Pooh in recent years. Is is possible that he could voice Piglet as well? Obviously a new voice needs to be found and hopefully Disney will go about finding an excellent successor to Mr. Fidler.


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      pete,pooh,tigger,and now piglet? this is serious... by the end of all this sad madness mr. cummings could have some kind of multiple personality disorder... that is really scary... :botox:

      i will indeed miss these two very talented actors


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        oh no... could I have missed this? I love piglet.


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          Re: Voice of Tigger and voice of Piglet both pass away

          I totally missed the John Feidler announcement. 12 Angry Men is one of my favorite movies! This makes me so sad...
          The King is back and he's ready to kick some tail. Do not mess with a mouse in black.


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