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  • Nip/Tuck

    Any other fans of this show? I just got the first season from Netflix and I LOVE it!! Christian is such a sexy pig!

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    Re: Nip/Tuck

    Great show. When does the new season begin so we can see how bad Christian gets cut?
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    Just because it's gone doesn't mean I changed my mind! :cwink:


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      Re: Nip/Tuck

      I don't have cable anymore, but I am seriously tempted to get it just to see this show. I love it- Christian is usch a great character and the surgeries are so horrifying captivating. I absolutely adore this show!
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        Re: Nip/Tuck

        Between this show and Rescue Me, FX is really cutting into my primetime major network tv watching! Damn you FX for finally getting some decent shows!


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          Re: Nip/Tuck

          We don't get FX so I will have ot wiat for season 2 to come out on dvd in August. I do have a friend who is willing to tape season 3 for me! (I think it starts Sept 20).

          I love the son!! When he was comforting Sean after Julia's miscarriage, I about cried! It was so touching!


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            Re: Nip/Tuck


            According to this the next season doesn't start till September!!!!!! I love the show but hate all the space and time between the seasons! Drives me nuts. I also like Tripping the Rift on Sci fi and the second season of that doesn't start till later this month either!!

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