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'Angels & Demons' December 2008

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  • 'Angels & Demons' December 2008

    Howard moves fast with 'Code' sequel

    Director finalizing 'Angels' before strike


    BY Michael Fleming
    October 25, 2007

    As Hollywood scrambles to make deals before the Oct. 31 expiration of the WGA pact, one fast-tracked project has almost flown under the radar -- though it could become one of the biggest films assembled during this frenzied period.

    Columbia has formalized a February start in Europe for "Angels & Demons," the Ron Howard-directed sequel to "The Da Vinci Code" that will be released in December 2008.

    Producers Brian Grazer and John Calley, Col, Howard and writer Akiva Goldsman are seeking to finalize the shooting script before next week's deadline. Meanwhile, the "Angels" team have begun casting around Tom Hanks, who will reprise his role as Robert Langdon.

    The film guarantees a manic year for Howard, who will be multi-tasking to get the picture done. Howard will shoot "Angels & Demons" as he supervises editing and post-production on the screen adaptation of the Peter Morgan play "Frost/Nixon." That film, which Howard wrapped shooting last week, has tentatively been slotted for a late 2008 release.

    This means Howard could have a double-pronged post-production schedule and will have two high-profile projects opening in a relatively short time.
    The rush-rush schedule echoes Steven Spielberg's back-to-back shooting of "Jurassic Park" and "Schindler's List" and Clint Eastwood's double duty on "Flags of Our Fathers" and "Letters From Iwo Jima."

    Hanks' character, a Harvard-based expert on religious symbols, this time sleuths a mystery that involves a secret society and a conspiracy that leads to Vatican City and threatens the future of the Catholic Church.

    Dan Brown wrote "Angels & Demons" prior to "The Da Vinci Code," but after the first film grossed $218 million domestic and $758 million worldwide, the studio made a seven-figure deal with Goldsman to turn the earlier novel into a sequel (Daily Variety, May 24, 2006).

    'Angels & Demons' 2008
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    Re: 'Angels & Demons' December 2008

    I wonder if they'll adapt to the big sreen the 3rd Robert Langdon book, which is, I guess, still being written by Dan Brown.


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      Re: 'Angels & Demons' December 2008

      I liked this book way more than Davinci Code so I'm really hoping that they don't butcher it for the screen. They did well with Davinci, so I'm hopeful. We'll see, I guess.


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        Re: 'Angels & Demons' December 2008

        I'm really excited for this movie. Except for the ending, which I actually found to be a bit offensive, I loved the book.


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          Re: 'Angels & Demons' December 2008

          The headline writer clearly did not read the books. Angels & Demons is not the sequel. Da Vinci Code was the sequel.
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            Re: 'Angels & Demons' December 2008

            Originally posted by kirbilicious View Post
            I'm really excited for this movie. Except for the ending, which I actually found to be a bit offensive, I loved the book.
            ??? What in the world did you find offensive about it?


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              Re: 'Angels & Demons' December 2008

              I liked DaVinci Code the book, hated the movie. I still want that 3 hours back. I hope they don't ruin this one, too.
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                Re: 'Angels & Demons' December 2008

                Angels and Demons was, imho, a far superior book to DaVinci Code...i also just hope they don't make a mess of it like they did with DVC
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                  Re: 'Angels & Demons' December 2008

                  Angels in Demons is the best novel I have read. Hopefully, the movie will not disappoint.

                  Although I did not find any of Brown's books offensive, I can see why some people may think that they are.
                  To each his own...

                  On a side note, I would really like to see a Deception Point film as well. Another great read.

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                    Re: 'Angels & Demons' December 2008

                    I listened to Deception Point on CD while on a road trip. I was amazed at how it flipped flopped so much. I remember thinking it was all so obvious, having read the other 2 books, and there were several times in the story where I shouted "No way!" to the stereo. :lol:
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