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The Comcast deal

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  • The Comcast deal

    it was not to long ago when Disney was at risk of being sold to a little know media company. And thats pretty much all I know. I remember this was during the save Disney debacle and many Disney fans were in favor of the tack over. But I have to give him some credit, Eisner refused the deal and as he did in the 80's saved Disney from hostel takeover. Looking back what are your views on this thing? were you pro comcast or what? and has history put your former views into prospective?

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    Re: The Comcast deal

    I think this was a positive thing that it was attempted. It woke everyone up and showed how vulnerable the company was.

    If it was taken over, however, who knows how everything would have ended up. I am sure the theme parks would have gone the way of Universal's theme parks quickly and the movie division would have continued to sink. I think the whole take-over would have been a disaster in the long run. There certainly would be no DCA improvements and the 50th would have probably fell by the way-side.


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