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Jonas Brothers get 3-D concert film

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  • Jonas Brothers get 3-D concert film

    Jonas Brothers get 3-D concert film

    Bruce Hendricks to direct Disney feature

    The Jonas Brothers are set to take the bigscreen for Disney in a 3-D concert.

    By Marc Graser
    May 7, 2008

    Disney is giving the Jonas Brothers the 3-D treatment on the bigscreen, readying a concert pic that it hopes will spark with tweens the same way that "Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour" did earlier this year.

    The "Hannah Montana" feature, which also unspooled in 3-D, pulled in the highest Super Bowl weekend gross of any film in history on just 683 screens, earning $31.1 million.

    Pic wound up collecting $65 million after its one-week playdate was expanded through early March due to high demand.

    The Jonas Brothers film will include footage from their upcoming "Burning Up" concert tour, as well as documentary material on the lives of the three brothers, Kevin, Joe and Nick.

    Bruce Hendricks, who helmed the "Hannah Montana" concert pic, will direct, with Art Repola ("Hannah Montana," ESPN's "Ultimate X: The Movie") producing.

    Also aboard as producers are Phil McIntyre, Kevin Jonas Sr., Johnny Wright and Alan Sacks.

    "More than just a concert, this film will take moviegoers inside the band's creative process, and present them in a very intimate and entertaining way," said Oren Aviv, prexy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production.

    The Jonas Brothers' "Burning Up" tour kicks off in Toronto on July 4, with special guest Demi Lovato, who appears with the brothers in the Disney Channel pic "Camp Rock," which bows June 20.
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    Re: Jonas Brothers get 3-D concert film

    We had third row floor seats to the second of two shows they recorded for their 3-D video, or as the MC kept saying, "JB, in 3-D, on your TV, in JanuarY."

    When we arrived, we got a bit of a surprise regarding our seat location. We were in the 12th row of the front left section, but the floor seats actually began with row 10. Because the Disney Channel was filming this 3-D Jonas Brothers Burning Up concert movie to be aired in January, they took out the first nine rows, moved everyone else back a few feet, and filled the area around the stage, including a long catwalk that stuck out of the middle, with teenage girls. According to a security guard I talked to between the opening act and the Jonas Brothers, the general admission stage area was filled with paid extras. Hundreds of little girls making scale. It made sense. Disney could completely control the behavior of the fans seen in most of the footage, making it safe for the band to use the catwalk, to spray foam on them, and to interact with them. The pit area had lots of grownups with bullhorns, a lot of water buckets and cups and other things one might need in a workplace. All the girls up front seemed to have cameras and glowing lightsticks, and they were all very well behaved. They definitely appeared to be planted.

    The big, big, big downside of all of this was that people who had floor seats in the first nine rows got cheated. They showed up, made their way to the floor, and were handed new tickets, generally in the 200 sections. According to the same security guard and his buddy, they were all furious off beyond belief. Some thought they were getting punked. Most raised a pretty big fuss, but apparently, the language right on the ticket says they can work you over like this. Still, imagine if you had dropped a ton of cash on 2nd row floor tickets to see the band that my daughters think to be "way, way bigger" than Hannah Montana, only to arrive and be sent to mid-section loge level seating. Sure, they offered you the $40 or so in price difference between what you bought and what they charged for tickets in the crappy section where you got redirected, but big deal. You expected to be in the first few rows. Suddenly, you are in lousy seats way off to the side. You'd be mad, too.

    We, however, were not mad, because tt was abundantly clear, once we were down there, that being in the 12th row would have meant my younger kid wouldn't have seen a thing, but now that row 12 was row 3, she could see quite well. Plus, they eventually let her hang out in the front row, where she could see even better. As the band got ready to take the stage, the big screens kept flashing text messages that girls could send in from their cell phones. A bunch of them said things like "OMG OMG, Scream your head off if you love Joe!!!!" And then the place would get crazy loud. Dudes with boxes and boxes of various kinds of glowsticks came around passing them out like free Halloween candy, but mostly just for the kids on the floor or near the floor in the 200 level. Right before the lights went back out, Taylor Swift walked in front of us, and all the girls freaked out. Then the lights went out and the band started playing. They had at least twelve other musicians up there with them, too.

    This is as good a close up as I could get.

    The band could come way out into the audience with that catwalk. Essentially, it took up what was supposed to be the best seats in the house. Front and center. While it probably made for good TV, I thought it was a lousy decision that must have come from a suit. I can't imagine U2 or Depeche Mode or the Rolling Stones pulling that kind of stunt on their best fans.

    In addition to the presence of many, many video cameras, obscuring people's views, hovering over the fans like creepy robots, one of the oddities that came with the filming was that there were several interruptions in the show. They played three or four songs, then it all came to a stop. The band left. Costumes were changed. The MC took the stage and tried to get everyone to scream louded than last night's crowd. Sometimes, they played video clips while we waited. The gaps were short, no more than a few minutes. But they were many.

    During one of the breaks, we were entertained by two more songs from the opening act, Demi Lovato. She's in Camp Rock on the Disney Channel, I'm told.

    One of the video breaks told the story of how Nick found out last year that he has Type 1 diabetes. That was a bummer. Then he came out and played piano, performing a song that he wrote about the experience. The whole performance was a little over the top, but pretty good, frankly, for a teenager writing and playing his own material and trying to perform it inspiringly.

    At one point, the band did something that absolutely confirmed for me that the girls in the pit were performers. They brought out hoses, and started shooting foam all over the pit area. It'll probably look cool on the 3-D screen. After a few bursts, just about all of the girls ended up covered with white spots of foam. If they were just concertgoers, I suspect that they would have been all, "OMG. OMFG. WTF? I'm covered in like foam, all over my brand new dress." But they all took it in stride. Such professionals.

    Some of them even went out and got towels (see the one with a towel around her neck, heading back into the pit?), so no one slipped on the floor. And lots of them who got foamed in the face had headed over to the water coolers for relief from a styrofoam cup.

    They had a lot of microphones in the audience, recording the sounds noise. For some of the sing-a-long parts, they shoved it right in the grill of the girl in front of me. They didn't point it at parents. This is a photo of the guy who mostly handled the noise around our area. I like this shot. It almost looks like he's holding up a miniature Jonas Brother with his mic.

    This was the treat of the night. To the surprise of no one who saw her walk in before the show, Taylor Swift took the stage in a "big surprise" for the movie. While I was out buying water and gatorade, plus a bag for the programs, she sang her current top ten hit, "You Shoulda Said No," which is setting some sort of record for the most top ten hits on a debut, or by a teenager, or by a woman, or something else that Taylor Swift is.

    Then the funniest part of the night came. Taylor Swift left, and it got very quiet. Then one of the brothers started sort of kissing the audience's butts about how great they were. How they were way better than last time. How they love coming to California, and to Orange County, how they get treated like they are home. And they got everyone screaming. He then told us that they wanted to shoot Taylor's song a second time. So even though we knew the surprise, when Taylor gets announced, we have to act surprised and go crazy. After all, it's a movie, so we gotta all be actors. So they bring her out again, and everyone acts surprised, and she sings her hit song a second time with the band. And she did it well.

    The show wound down with a couple of songs I recognized from the Disney Channel, including SOS and one other I forget. They did some tricks for the camera, like playing and singing from these high rising foot platforms. I would have passed on the high platforms if I was them.

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      Re: Jonas Brothers get 3-D concert film

      It didn't take long for the camera with video to get their amateur clips onto youtube. Who knows how long these will last, but here are a few. First, here's the dude explaining the filming of the movie and trying to get people to do what the movie people want us to do.

      This view sort of shows what the stage looked like. We were three back from the mass of moshers around the extended stage.

      Later, acting surprised for Taylor Swift's [second] surprise visit.

      The only bad parts about the night: it was hot; there was a girl in front of us with a giant pink sign that said "backstage passes", in an failed effort to get some. She didn't hold it up all the time, but she held it up too often and too long. It could have been worse. Walking around outside, it seemed like every other girl had a sign or a painted message on her shirt. We mostly had painted shirts in front of us.

      Oh, and at one point, a brother tried to get the parents, maybe 1000 of us, probably less, to cheer. "How many parents are having a good time?" then ... almost nothing. A polite smattering of applause. "You can do better than that. How many parents are having a good time?" Weak applause again. "Oh, come on, I know you're not that old!" Old? Did that punk just call us old? I would have shouted F-U at the top of my lungs if my 9-year-old wasn't there.We are not too old to rock, but when we've grown up on acts like U2, when young men come out and play songs like "Year 3000", we're going to leave the rocking out to the little girls.
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        Re: Jonas Brothers get 3-D concert film

        First Hanna Montana now this what next The Naked Brother Band in 3D.
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          Re: Jonas Brothers get 3-D concert film

          What concert were you at when you saw this?

          Cause my friend went to yesterday's concert in Oakland. Is that the one you went to?

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