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Walt Disney; A True Pioneer

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  • Walt Disney; A True Pioneer

    Did Mickey Mouse descend from a Huron County mouse?
    Did you know that Walt Disney was a descendant of Huron County pioneers? This came to light a few weeks ago after a lady called me and asked for help researching her family history.
    When I visited this lady she surprised me when she asked if I could help her confirm an old family story that she was related to Walt Disney.
    I smiled to myself. In my line of work, lots of people tell me they are related to someone special. But really, could she have just said the name Walt Disney, the creator of my childhood hero Mickey Mouse? After our initial telephone conversation, she had listed all the information she had about her Huron County family. The most interesting exhibit was a family photograph of a long ago family gathering in a time period of the pioneers. A sheet of barely transparent paper accompanying the photograph and once overlaid it revealed a number placed on the centre of each individual's head. At the bottom of the sheet was a legend explaining their names and relationship to the descendants. In total there were about a dozen people including one she suspected of marrying into the Disney family.
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