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Fliqr Photo Help

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  • Fliqr Photo Help


    Anyone had issues posting Fliqr photos? I posted some on another forum and all that show up are the dreaded red X. Any suggestions before I create a trip report with a bunch of red X's?
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    Re: Fliqr Photo Help

    Never heard of fliqr before, but I tried it and this is what I got...

    EDIT: you're right, image doesn't appear.

    UPDATE: you can right-click on the photo to get a working image.


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      Re: Fliqr Photo Help

      Your first attempt you have the IMG code correct, but you don't have the jpg tag on the end of the picture identification. To use the IMG tags, it has to be a jpg, gif or other image file in order to show up. The first one has http: // www. fliqr .com / preview / 486 (spaces added so it won't automatically read the code) but the second the .jpg was added.

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