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Micechat Forum/Border issues

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  • Micechat Forum/Border issues

    For some odd reason, the border on top for the website and the forum boards seems to be cut off or smashed up together on my Firefox browser. Making it hard to click on other options such as the search bar. Closing and restarting Firefox doesn't seem to fix the problem. Even restarting the computer. Though the border and search bar is fine on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. It needs to be fixed! I have a screenshot below:

    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Micechat Forum/Border issues

    You may see this if you have AdBlock+ enabled, or any other sort of Adblocking services:

    With Adblock enabled:

    With Adblock disabled:

    Because blocking ads hurts MiceChat and it's ability to continue, any type of ad-blocking is not supported.
    -Monorail Man


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      Re: Micechat Forum/Border issues

      i just wanted to say this clears things up for me as well. Thanks Monorail Man.

      Also, I do not mind the ads. But what I do mind is the ads that are a video and immediantly start playing when the site comes up and they play full blast and I'm not prepared and the first few times I didn't know where it was coming from! it's a little tiny box in the upper right corner that is a video. That is the only ad I would want to block.


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        Re: Micechat Forum/Border issues

        As far as I know, we shouldn't have those adds. Let us know if you get an autoplay ad.


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          Re: Micechat Forum/Border issues

          I don't mind ads either. Thanks for informing now I know what is causing the problem! I will remove ADblock plus from my Firefox.


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