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Micechat Forum Questions

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  • Micechat Forum Questions

    Hi ho! You might know, I'm kinda new around here, so I'm unfamiliar with the setup here, so I have a few random questions.

    1. Is there a way I can get notifications when someone replies to my posts? In other forums, I get an alert or an email letting me know about a reply. There doesn't seem to be something like that here, I usually have to go and look to see if anyone followed up on my posts.

    2. How do you create a signature? There wasn't a simple way to do that on my profile page..the customize only had options to change the colors in your profile picture.

    3. Is there a time limit on the forum? It seems like I go away for a couple of minutes and when I get back, I have to re-sign in. Does it sign me out after a certain amount of time? If yes, how long is that time?


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    Re: Micechat Forum Questions

    1. The only way I know is to subscribe to the thread using the thread tools dropdown menu.

    2. Settings>Edit Signature

    3. Look for a check box as you sign in.
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      Re: Micechat Forum Questions

      Good advice right here. Too bad he didn't come back to let you know how he was getting along.

      This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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        Re: Micechat Forum Questions

        Um..Right here. The advice was definetley great! Thanks Trekkie! These are all working out great for me.


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