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What's with all the "adult" threads???

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  • What's with all the "adult" threads???

    Come on guys - try and keep the adult themed stuff in the gold area - there are still younger people reading stuff here.

    Frankly, I'm not trying to be a "goody-goody" but, do we really need this?? I'm mean vibrators, mood music??? Not really necessary.
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    Re: What's with all the "adult" threads???

    I was kinda thinkin the same thing, I don't remember it being so dirty around here..


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      Re: What's with all the "adult" threads???

      same here, thats what the gold is for isn't it?


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        Re: What's with all the "adult" threads???

        Hmmm.... Well I missed any thread dealing with a vibrator. Since they were talking about smoking pot in the DL room, I didn't think the mood music was that bad. Sorry if you were offended.
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          Re: What's with all the "adult" threads???

          One of the things I love most about this board is that the people who have gathered here have such a diverse range of interests.
          I trust the mods and admins to keep an eye on threads and move them if they feel they would be more appropriate in the Litter Box or in Gold. They do an amazing job keeping this board running and looking out for the best interests of our community.


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            Re: What's with all the "adult" threads???

            I think they may be young or immature...IDK...maybe just courious...I tend to not open the threads unless it';s so vaugally worded I dont't know what it is. To be hionest fater the good bye old friends thread I was scared to open dark beers I lost my best friend thread.....


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              Re: What's with all the "adult" threads???

              ADMIN NOTE:

              The boards are too big and we have too few mods to do the moderating for you. That is why we have the report post button and the rep system.
              If you feel a thread violates the rules of MiceChat, please report it. If you feel a post is out of line and that the member intends to cause trouble, please feel free to give neg rep as well.

              Your help in keeping the community running smoothly is much appreciated. And for those of you who enjoy the more adult themed threads (which can be really fun and are rarely too dirty) there is MiceChat Gold. Sometime a thread that should be in Gold slips through to the main boards. Simply report the post and a Mod will review it.

              Thank you all for your help!

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