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MiceAge to MiceChat user reset?

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  • MiceAge to MiceChat user reset?

    Hi something I noticed happens at both my work computer and my home computer -- I have my screen name and password saved, so it automatically logs me into MiceChat when I enter However, when I enter MiceChat through another site, say, MiceAge (at the end of a column) or O-Meon's/Werner's/etc. column, I am not logged in anymore and have to re-enter my info.

    It doesn't BOOT me (i.e. it doesn't log me out; if I have micechat open in another window I am still logged on), but I was just curious if that happens to anyone else, or if it was just a Firefox/IE thing, or what?
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    Re: MiceAge to MiceChat user reset?

    maybe the redirect uses rather than ?

    sometimes cookies react to strict typing of the address.


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      Re: MiceAge to MiceChat user reset?

      This happens to me alot too. I just click on a fourm and usually it recognises my cookies and says i'm logged in, just the front page says i'm not.

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        Re: MiceAge to MiceChat user reset?

        Hmm... I've yet to notice this problem at all. Never happened with me using Firefox.


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