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The Demon King - Disney Press

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  • The Demon King - Disney Press

    Anyone else read the first seven realms novel by Cinda Chima from Disney Hyperion Press? I'm about half way through and enjoying it. I didn't read any of her heir books.
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    Re: The Demon King - Disney Press

    So I finally found the time to write a review of this excellent book. Cinda Williams Chima definitely creates an amazing world I cannot wait to revisit in her first seven realms novel. While the conclusion left me a bit wanting (the novel is far from self-contained), I feel this book was an excellent set up for The Exiled Queen which is due out in September. The premise is as much Lord of The Rings as it is Harry Potter with brilliant characterizations and several unexpected surprises. It's a coming of age story that really takes the time to let you get to know these charcters and invest in their futures. I cannot wait for the second novel.If you enjoyed Harry Potter and enjoy epic world building like Narnia and LOTR, this is a must-read.


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