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  • The NEW Superman

    Twilight Effect? Superman just got a new makeover for an upcoming graphic novel about his youth and now looks like the kind of emo kid begging for attention, that would steal eyeliner from the beauty department at Wal-Mart. Superman, you used to be so super!

    Source: A lanky, brooding Superman for the contemporary world

    PS: Did you know Wonder Woman is more powerful then Superman, and she even has the ability to kill him.
    YouTube - Wonder Woman Powers Tribute

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    Re: The NEW Superman

    I don't enjoy Straczynski's work anyhow so I'll be skipping this.


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      Re: The NEW Superman

      I finally got this from Amazon tonight and read it straight away. I liked it. I really had no idea what JMS would do with the character. And I'd seen the headlines and quotes about this being the "Twilight" version of Superman. I don't want to give away anything, because that's how I went into it, but it's definitely a fresh take on the character and his world. And I thought it was an epic tale, but at the same time, in some respects something I've seen before...recently. But like any tentpole movie that's over hyped, it's hard to see the forest for the trees. So I plan to read it again over the weekend; I expect I'll enjoy it more.


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