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High Energy & House of the 90s

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  • High Energy & House of the 90s

    While organizing my music (physically & digitally), I found a lot promo CDs that I totally forgot I still had. Thousands of CDs, all thanks to a few years working as a 'store artist' at Tower Records. Found titles like Dance Mix USA (VOL.1 -9) to Ultimate Dance Party, and many more dance collections.

    While listening to the CDs, it brought back a lot of fun memories, and how these songs are still a club favorite, even today. A good dance jam never dies, and it also brought to mind that at an age when dance music was really started to be heard on mainstream radio, and on MTV, ah the 1990s.

    While it is dance music, they categorize as 'High-Energy' music, they did come in handy at the gym, and they still do. It was also around this time, while house music started in the mid 80s, by the mid 90s, it had an updated sound with electronic style music. Thanks to the groups like the Mighty Dub Katz, and the Wamdue Project.

    While there's so many good jams, here's some of my favs from both genres from the 1990s, the decade that moved dance music to high gear, and the decade that brought the most famous slang from 90s, 'The Bomb.' LOL

    I remember waking up at 3am from this repetitive beat, eyes blurry, wondering what the heck is playing on MTV. Even though Daft Punk has been around since 1993, this was the song that got me interested (1999), and I got the CD at Sam Goody at Universal CityWalk the following day =)

    Around the World music video, style beat reminded so much of this great song, taking you back to 1983, and definitely a pioneer in house/electro (to name only a couple) music.
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