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July 18 Carver's Corner: Tips, Tall Tales & Tavern Gossip

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  • July 18 Carver's Corner: Tips, Tall Tales & Tavern Gossip

    This Week: Quest Tips

    Greetings mate, name's Carver. You can find me in the Faithful Bride on Tortuga. Bein' in my position, I hear a good many things 'bout these islands. Many a day Pirates come into the tavern looking for information - in addition to something to quench their thirst. This month be no different...

    I hear Doc Grog's got a few of you seadogs doing his dirty work - sent you on Quests to slay a huge alligator, did he? But you can't find the old croc? Aye, have you searched the swamps of Tortuga? I hear a few more of those reptiles might be found on Padres Del Fuego and Cutthroat Island.

    I also heard a crew of Pirates is looking for a diamond in the Queen's Nest. The "Queen's Nest" can be found on Isla Perdida and there be two treasure chests buried in this jungle, but I know the location you truly need to complete your Quest. Alas, there not be many landmarks in the jungle, to best describe the location, I'd say look aside the jungle's river and between two large rocks, there you'll find an open area surrounded by trees - the area is guarded by giant wasp nests (also check the nests). It be a challenge, but the diamond be well worth your effort.

    Good luck and good travels.


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