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Lara Croft Costume!

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  • Lara Croft Costume!

    Saw this on Digg and figured I would share with some fellow gamers!
    Tomb Raider Costume

    Thought it was a pretty creative deal... now I'm on the hunt for all kinds of this thing. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    Re: Lara Croft Costume!

    Sometimes making your own costume instead of buying something that is specifically that can save you money.

    I once put an entire Patrick Bateman costume together for less than $10. It was interesting walking around a party in just white boxer shorts, running shoes, and a chainsaw (no, it wasnt a real one). People definitely understood it.

    Putting your own costume together, in my opinion, is not only cost-saving, but also fun (and easy since you can get pretty much anything on ebay or in stores, nowadays). My last few Haunt costumes for Knott's Scary Farm are actually my own items that I put together.
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      Re: Lara Croft Costume!

      Originally posted by mainstreetcm View Post
      now I'm on the hunt for all kinds of this thing. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
      Are you looking for more pictures of people in costume, or how to make one?

      I'd suggest pages such as - or A Cosplay Paradise - Entrance Page
      You can look at pictures there and check out tips for making your own costume in the forums.

      Also, I discovered this stuff the other day:
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        Re: Lara Croft Costume!

        I thought about going as her to the MNSSHP last year. My husband wanted to be Capt. daughter wanted to be Wonder WOman. So, I was gonna be Lara.

        If you do make a costume...I wanna see it when it's done!


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