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  • Crash

    So far today at only 10:25am VMK has crashed for me 8 or 9 times . Now I think this is getting outrageous. I want everyone who this happens to, to write to vmk abput this crashing problem, its making me angry:cmad: and I want this to stop! I have tried restarting my computer 2 times, still its crashing. I have logged back in countless numbers of times. I dont care how crowded it is, at 10:00 am it opens and its not like 5000 people are getting on at once. This has been happening to me recently not just today. I want this problem to stop because VMK is one of my favorite computer games. This has to stop, when i open my friend list I dont get people listed of who is on, I get the box that says "SORRY, VMK HAS CRASHED!" Trades are not working in certain rooms either, I dont understand why we have to put up with this. All I want is a peaceful time of playing VMK. How do you feel about this? Write below things that have happened to you. I have asked VMK staff about these problems and they dont know a thing about why it crashes only that there is a lot of people on. I think VMK should have people in VMK with the color blue like staff is green (with blue ears instead of green, and wear all blue instead of green like staff), who can help out with technical problems. This would be a big improvement in the way VMK is veiwed sometimes. Write how you feel about my idea and what your ideas are so we can submit them to VMK.:ap: **PLEASE NOTE** HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED MY IDEA TO VMK.
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    Re: Crash

    anyone have any ideas on this topic? POST HERE!


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