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  • Pirate Magic Pin

    Hello again everyone, I have another VMK question. My six year old is now into the game and he has seen the effects of the pirate magic pin and has asked me how to get one. I have one but it has been so long since I first got it that I now have forgotten. Does anyone remember how to get that pin that turns you into a pirate? Also, can I give him my pin?

    I have tried to tell him to save his money because pirate wear will be offered soon, but you know how kids are. As soon as he gets some credits he is off to spend them!

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    Re: Pirate Magic Pin

    QNEL-NTBW-KLDU-GB2C......500 credits

    .....500 credits

    .....100 credits

    4JVU-7BJ3-BK69-EEDQ.....100 credits

    A8TM-5VAM-FTNB-EYXE.....50 credits

    GQYM-EBVX-FAEG-QHH6....50 credits

    4CJ4-2XVH-RLLB-W3N3.....50 credits

    VTSL-8CXS-GDMJ-BB3P.....50 credits

    QQR4-FF7F-ACFH-PM6N....50 credits

    PF7R-UXBE-MZG8-5LSV.....50 credits VMK shirt)

    KLS9-R569-9RJK-CLUG.......Cursed Storm Magic Pin

    EUF8-B5BL-9RKC-Y9ZW.....Buried in Treasure Magic Pin

    MTNQ-JDL9-AKT7-99BE......Pirate Magic Pin


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      Re: Pirate Magic Pin

      Thanks Summer. You are a wonder to behold.


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        Re: Pirate Magic Pin

        Originally posted by Nancywitt
        Thanks Summer. You are a wonder to behold.
        Oh my. :blush: I don't know about that but I am good at cut and paste. :lol:


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          Re: Pirate Magic Pin

          Cursed Storm, Buried in Treasure, and Pirate Magic Pins are not able to be traded anymore.


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            Re: Pirate Magic Pin

            Cursed storm and Buried in treasure were never tradable.. a glitch caused two pirate pins to happen from the pirate magic, and the curst storm magic code.. they since fixed it.. (Though I still don’t have cursed storm.).. and one of the pirate pins was tradable while the other was not for about 2 months... this has since been fixed.. (and explains my 5 star Turn into Pirate magic)


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