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Feel the dragon's fire!

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  • Feel the dragon's fire!

    So some of you I may have told (in the game) yesterday, that I had a story that beats all other scam stories. This situation actually got me pretty ticked off. Mostly because it can work outside of VMK as well.

    So this boy comes up to me in the game and says that they're talking bad about me on this one board. It has happened before and I'm always curious to know what lies they've come up with. So I ask which one. And he says, I'll send you a PM on XXXX board which I'm a part of.

    So I get a PM on XXXX board from this boy and he sends me a link to a new board I have never heard of. I go there and I cannot view the board without first registering. Seems odd, but I've come across that situation before. Usually it's just posting restrictions on non-registered users. But I decide to register anyway. However, as always, I take the precaution of using a different password for places I don't trust or don't know. I find nothing really on said a matter of fact, it's pretty dead and looks like only 20 people are on the board and there hasn't been anything new posted for a month. Whatever, right?

    A couple days ago I get a message from VMK staff that says somebody has been trying to log in to my account continously with the wrong password. O_o

    So I report the boy to VMK, I report him on XXXX board, and I report him to his host provider and threaten them with the violation of privacy policies (which the boy was stupid enough to have on his forum site...but was also on the host providers site). They have now deleted his account both on XXXX forum and the host provider. And the host provider has asked if I wish to take legal action. ^_^

    Now this can happen outside of VMK as well. Which is a lesson to all you out there who use the same username and password for everything. DO NOT use the same username and password for general stuff (like VMK boards or even the game) that you use for important stuff (like bank and credit card accounts). People like this boy are cunning and will try anything. But back to VMK, it is good practice to not use your same password. E-mail I'm sure we all use, but do not use the same password on message boards as you use in the game.

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    Re: Feel the dragon's fire!

    I wonder if that was the same person who was trying to get our passwords here on this board?

    Good computer security rules:

    1) NEVER give out your password to anyone
    2) Do not use the same password for everything. And do not just add a number one or two at the end and think that it's a diffrent password.
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      Re: Feel the dragon's fire!

      yea but on vmk you have a characters name, and a user name. And most people use their characters not user. So that is also smart!


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        Pirate Powers Ppl

        I Have Pirate Power For All Of You So Here They Are


        There You Go Ppl Vmk Codes Now If You Give Me Some All Keep These Here On Mice Chat Bye!


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          Re: Feel the dragon's fire!

          Hey Dragon,

          Ive seen you on VMK I never register on a site that asks for my user name and password on VMK


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