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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

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  • Pirates of the Caribbean Online

    Hey Everyone,
    I joined the e-mail updates club. But no new news. Is there a release date?? If you know plz post here
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    Re: Pirates of the Caribbean Online

    its suppose to come out near the release of the 3rd movie but they only said '07....BETA is starting soon though


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      Re: Pirates of the Caribbean Online


      I can not wait, I do enjoy VMK, but it grows tiresome. And most the people I associate via VMK, I now have as RL friends so we chat in person or phone etc. I play SL, however I play for free, do not have the resources to pay rent on land in virtual world and real world. I love multi player online games, I was a huge EQII geek. So to have a whole slew of my geek items combined into one entity......woot woot

      I am signed up for beta so when news hits, I will let the Chatters know.


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