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  • Need Room Design Help

    Ok. This sounds cheesy, but I want my quest room to look somewhat presentable. I can't seem to find a good room or items, so I was looking for some help. The quest called Disney Musical Adventure and is based on the music of Disney movies and attractions. Also I am on sort of a budget if that makes any sense ! Thanks so much.

    I am basically looking for ideas of what to put and where to put it.

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    Re: Need Room Design Help

    That sounds like an awesome idea!
    Maybe you can use music-related items. I am not much of an idea giver.


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      Re: Need Room Design Help

      You should take the mark twain room


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        Re: Need Room Design Help

        How about setting up your room in a museum like way that respresents some of the films you have in your quest.

        For example:

        Alice in Wonderland -tea cups, card carpets, queen throne etc.
        Pirates of the Carribean - pirate items
        Song of the South - river pieces, country theme
        Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - heartless hamper
        Sleeping Beauty - Sword in Stone, maleficient throne
        The Little Mermaid - water pieces, water carpet

        You can even use the tomorrowland rock chairs to look like actual rock pieces, just rotate them to fit your theme, for say, Little Mermaid.


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          Re: Need Room Design Help

          Those are all wonderful ideas! Thanks! I was thinking of doing the Mark Twain room , and I thinkh I will now with Summer's museum idea. And I will try to do HarvestMoon's idea about the mucisal items, but I was trying to give those as the prizes . Thanks for all the help!


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