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what is more rare?

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  • what is more rare?

    is pink princess shoes more rare than a GOLD penny press?
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    Re: what is more rare?

    i don't know but i would rather have princess shoes ^_^
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      Re: what is more rare?

      Im not sure on more rare.. but if your thinking about which one would people want more.. usually people enjoy rare costumes a lot more. Notice how most peoples wish lists include "any rare costumes" or something like that. however the gold press is always a good choice too if you wanted a garuntee.
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        Re: what is more rare?

        I THINK the gold penny press is more, or at least I would want this more if it was offered to me. Plus, pink shoes are only available to girls.


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          Re: what is more rare?

          also, keep in mind that costumes may be available at halloween, which will greatly decrease their "rare" worth
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            Re: what is more rare?

            The gold penny press is more rare then pink princess shoes. (I think) because a lot of poeple have princess shoes than they they have gold penny presses.

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              Re: what is more rare?

              Here is where they come from and then I will discuss popularity.

              Gold Press: Available from completing the Hidden Mickey Quest in game and turning in a voucher at either WDW or DL.

              Pink Princess Shoes: Available ONLY through trade, however it looks as if they may be released again for Halloween. (See Yavn thread)

              The shoes are actually more rare because of the limited availablity, however with them being released again at Halloween then the gold will shift to being more rare only because you have to turn in a quest "in park" to get them.


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