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Prizes From Pirates

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  • Prizes From Pirates

    I seem to notice that the prizes you get from the pirates game vary from key to key.
    I was under the assumption that the different keys just changed the liklihood of getting prizes but it seems that certain prizes can only be won from certain levels.
    So... i am proposing making a thread of the prizes you can get from the game

    Level 3 prizes:
    Credits (differingn amounts)
    Pirate maze walls
    Pirate maze turrets
    Pirate cannon wall
    Turn into Coral magic (1x use)

    Level 2 prizes:
    Credits (different amounts)
    Pirate maze parts

    Level 1 prizes:
    Credits (amount varies)
    Pirate Thrones (different colors)

    I will add as I find out what they are and what youguys tell me just post it here and i will edit the list
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    Re: Prizes From Pirates

    Yep that looks about right for the Gold key that I know of. Only things I have ever got anyway. Good work .


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      Re: Prizes From Pirates

      I have only been playing level three so i really have no clue what you get for the other levels


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        Re: Prizes From Pirates

        Actually, i've gotten a pirate maze wall from a level 2 key.


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