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Are you Banned? Here is some help

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  • Are you Banned? Here is some help

    If you have been banned and you have not done anything against the VMK Terms of service / Values you can do these easy steps to attempt to clear the ban from your account.

    Step 1. Remember what time and where you were when you were banned, this is helpful in retrieving the records of the chat going on at the time and will help the Cast member assess the communication and see if you were wrongfully banned.

    Step 2. Type out a nice paragraph or 2 about what happened and why you were wrongfully banned. Be sure to be descriptive about what was going on at the time you were banned. This is needed to persuade the cast member to understand what was going on.

    Step 3. Go to and click on Contact Us. (con.act us in VMK Speak)

    Step 4. Enter the login information and verify and enter an email where you can be reached. Then paste the paragraphs and date / time into the open box, then submit it to the VMK Cast members.

    Step 5. You are finished.

    Please Visit Banned from VMK Discussions... To talk about being banned.
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