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Pirates of the Caribbean:DVD Treasure Hunt Game

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  • Pirates of the Caribbean:DVD Treasure Hunt Game

    Does anyone own this game? It's really fun, especially if you're a fan of the PotC movies. It doesn't test your knowledge of the movies, like Scene-It does, but rather tests your wits as a pirate. The main objective is collecting "booty" and burying it after you find out where "X marks the spot". It's a great party game.

    Now for those who have this game, I have a question about something that is on the "How to Play" instruction paper. On the back in the "Secret Codes and Bonus Booty" section, it says if you should discover a hidden bonus booty code, you should write it down and enter it later. Does anyone know how to discover this secret code? I played this game about 3 times last night with friends and I don't think we encountered any "secret codes". Did anyone actually encounter this before?
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    Re: Pirates of the CaribbeanVD Treasure Hunt Game

    i have you half to finish each level 3 times.


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