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Pirate Walls for trade

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  • Pirate Walls for trade


    I have so many walls that are cluttering my inventory and I really need to get rid of them.

    This is how many are in my inventory.

    31 Pirate Maze Cannon Walls
    56 Pirate Maze Turrets
    EDIT: 23 Pirate Maze Walls

    I'm interested in alot of things. Just offer, I'll let you know what I think aobut your offer. Please say how many walls and of which you want too. Thanks. (:

    Here's a short wish list:

    Pins - Pirate series, Mansion Series, & Tiki series & Animal Kingdom Series. (I think..)
    WDW Quest Items
    DLR Quest Items
    Pirate Prision Room (<33)
    Any hat I do not have yet
    And of course, the usual extra rare items. (;

    Offers do not have to be big. I know they're given out in pirates with keys. (:

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    Re: Pirate Walls for trade

    How many credits would you say is fair for each wall? I would like 50 of your walls also.


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      Re: Pirate Walls for trade

      I am not quite sure. Perhaps somewhere in this range: 500-1000. I think it depends on which walls. The turrets I think are worth about 500, Plain 1000, and Cannon 800. Let me know if that's fair and how many of each you would like. (:


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        Re: Pirate Walls for trade

        What would you like for twenty pirate walls? Any kind doesn't matter, except turrets. I know in your wish list you didn't say magic, but I have 1 5* Snowman magic and 1 1* Fireworks if you'd like lol >_<

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          Re: Pirate Walls for trade

          Sorry, I do not need those magics right now.


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