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Two rooms at once

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  • Two rooms at once

    Something very odd happened to me in vmk. I am in two rooms at the same time. I got a vmk pass when I was waiting in line for a guest room and was just about to go into the store in Tomorrowland. Just when the enter room button came up, I clicked it and went into the Tomorrowland shop. The actual room and items are all from the shop, but the people and sounds are from the guest room. People could hear me and see me but I wasn't really there. It was very cool. And whenever someone walked, they did what looked like a moonwalk to the other side.

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    Re: Two rooms at once

    that sounds interesting.. probably some bug or something

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      Re: Two rooms at once

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        Re: Two rooms at once

        yeah prob some glitch of some sort lol

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          Re: Two rooms at once

          Odd/Cool bug you got there.
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            Re: Two rooms at once

            haha, thats cool. i hope it doesnt happen again :P
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