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ForntirMagic Friends Meet!

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  • ForntirMagic Friends Meet!

    Hey As You Have Know I Got Scammed. And Im Going To Be In My Room and i will ask all of my friends from ForntirMagic That Play MiceChat To Come My Name Is : monstershowdown

    I Will Be There Alot , but going to ride-a-thon 2~!

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    Re: ForntirMagic Friends Meet!

    Hey Flame!

    Sadly, i cant get on vmk since i have low dial up connection. I will be on, hopefully in the next 5 hours. I wish you the best of luck from when you got scammed. Its really sad to hear.

    Like i said i will be on later, but not now -_-

    Post when your in your room.


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      Re: ForntirMagic Friends Meet!

      Im In My Room Now! Also, MY Friends Are Giving Me Free Rares, So I Can Be Rich Again


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        Re: ForntirMagic Friends Meet!

        I'll Be In There As Fast As I Can Flame!!!!! Should I Delete Magic And Add Ye? Btw, You Can Never Be Rich In Rare, You Can Always Be Rich In Friends.

        We're Kicking It All Over Town
        This Party's Getting Out Of Bounds
        Every Day's A Second Chance, So Get On Your Feet And Dance!
        Yup, I'm A Nickelodeon Celebration Fan! Thanks To My Friend Stitchon..
        Catch The Fever!
        *My Amazing Signature And Avatar Made By Piinoy, Thanks Again!*

        My Signature Is SO Much Better Than Your Signature Alec! =p


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          Re: ForntirMagic Friends Meet!

          I wish i could dd you flame, but i seem to appwer as banned....
          VMK was a good memory, won't be forgotten. But just because a games gone does not mean I am


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            Re: ForntirMagic Friends Meet!

            oh thats bad, lol i made my user same as urs
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