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Looking for Credits and/or Confetti Magic

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  • Looking for Credits and/or Confetti Magic

    Hey everyone, for some reason I just found out about Confetti Magic today, and if you know me you know that I never have a store of credits on me unless I'm about to spend them. :lol:

    I'm probably going to keep trading for the magic until I get to a 5*.

    So, if you're trading either credits or the magic, tell me what you're interested in off of this list! If you're trading credits, you tell me a price and we can start from there.


    Pirate Quest Treasure Chair
    Pirate Quest Captain's Quarters Couch
    Pirate Quest Stool
    Disneyland Velvet Rope Room Divider - Gold
    Full Kali Couch x2
    50th Celebration Mickey Lantern x2
    50th Celebration Director's Chair - Gold
    Every Color Turnstile (Gold and Blue x2)
    Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair - Blue
    Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair - Purple
    Ace of Spades Carpet x3
    Ride Operator's Scoreboard - Red x2
    Ride Operator's Scoreboard - Blue
    PhilharMagic Chair - Gold x2
    PhilharMagic Chair - Green x3
    Herbie Couch
    Mickey TV
    Random Number Generator - Gold x2


    Pirate Quest Insider Tour
    Happiest Celebration on Earth
    Matterhorn - Sword in the Stone
    Maui Tiki
    Tangaroa-ru Tiki
    Jolly Roger x2
    VMK Frontierland Quest x2


    Dreams Shirt
    Sorcerer's Hat
    Mission Space Pants - Gold
    Mission Space Vest - Gold
    (I also have any and all costumes sold at Halloween or other events. If you're looking for any of those, let me know.)


    Blue Holiday Wreath x2
    Green Holiday Wreath
    Pink Holiday Wreath
    Dreams x2
    Magic Mirror
    JC Rhino Safari x2

    Thanks, and happy trading!

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