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Space Mountain: Mission Alpha

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  • Space Mountain: Mission Alpha

    This is my own version of Space Mountain that I was working on a couple months ago.

    POV isn't actually coming for a long time because I simply don't have enough RAM.

    Currently, I'm working on a robotic coaster that's in the vein of Star Tours, Indiana Jones Adventure, The Jurassic Park ride from Universal Studios (CA), and a taste of Horizons (saw that on You Tube only). That coaster is going to be based on Area 51 or something. I really need to stop building stuff before I even come up with a story...

    Anyways here is my SM preview, enjoy:<obje...mbed></object>

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    Re: Space Mountain: Mission Alpha

    Looks awesome! :thumbup:

    Your new idea sounds very interesting, keep us updated with your work.

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