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VMK's Closing is Final!

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  • VMK's Closing is Final!

    The owner of VMK said in a speech that he has noticed all of the websites that VMK's closing is causing to pop up, and that no matter what happens, it is closing on May 21st!!!
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    Re: VMK's Closing is Final!

    I kinda had a feeling nothing we did would make a difference, but it was worth trying.
    It's really sad about VMK's closing but atleast we have mice chat, just think if we didn't.
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      Re: VMK's Closing is Final!

      I wrote about VMK a bit in my column at MiceAge this morning...

      It is tough, trust me, I have heard from many VMK members who are frustrated with the closure, but everything I have heard, the decision is final. But if you still want your voice heard, do it! Send a letter via "snail maiL', write an e-mail, make a phone call, etc. Alas, it will more than likely NOT make a difference to the VMK closing, but it MIGHT make a difference in the future in regards to future projects.
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        Re: VMK's Closing is Final!

        As much as I admire everyone's convictions and efforts to stop the closure, this is not surprising in the least.
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          Re: VMK's Closing is Final!

          no surprise for me, i just thought it would be good to fight back, to show them how much VMK meant to us, make them have a lil guilt trip, and just tell them what they're making you lose ;D
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            Re: VMK's Closing is Final!

            One week to go until it's closed for good....


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              Re: VMK's Closing is Final!

              I will miss all the people from VMK........
              hahaha and all my rooms full of stuff.
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