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Of all the Cartoon remakes...

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  • Of all the Cartoon remakes...

    Banana Splits have been brought back!
    after 30 or so years and I will say its kinda cool they brought it back but..
    Snork looks so different than his 60's outfit and I hate they made his eyes big instead of leaving them little and got rid of his mop hair
    at least the other 3 look the same except for the voice changes.
    I wonder what stuff will they air now
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    Opening for New Splits
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    Re: Of all the Cartoon remakes...

    I love the Banana Splits!
    but this is an odd move to reintroduce these mostly forgotten shows.


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      Re: Of all the Cartoon remakes...

      Uh oh...CHONGO!!!!


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        Re: Of all the Cartoon remakes...

        Danger Island is sooo cheezy, but good. It has the guy from the tv series airwolf. I forget his name right now. The Boomerang channel is great! Oldies but goodies.


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          Re: Of all the Cartoon remakes...

          One banana, two banana, three banana four...

          I LOOOOVE the Banana Splits! I remember watching them and the Skate Birds when I was a kid.

          I am so glad they're back. I caught one of the new clips last week and about flipped! remember letting out a squeal and scaring my cats. LOL!


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