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BBC Torchwood (Possible Spoilers Ahead)

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  • BBC Torchwood (Possible Spoilers Ahead)

    Is there anyone out there who loves Torchwood?

    I think it is the best spin off made from another television series. I prefer it over Doctor Who. Most of the time Doctor Who gets a little too out there for me. I just love the characters and their interactions the aliens and other surprises they see. I was sad when season two ended because of losing two of my favorites on the show.

    I would love to have someone to discuss it with because my brother and sister don't really have an interest in it. My sister watched season one and some of season two with me, but she doesn't really talk about it the way I love to talk about shows I love to watch.

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    Re: BBC Torchwood (Possible Spoilers Ahead)

    BBC America will premiere Torchwood: Children of Earth on July 20th at 9 pm ET/PT, the same day that the series will kick off on BBC One in the United Kingdom.

    Is anyone else as excited as me
    :yea:My only problem is I have to look somewhere on the internet to watch them since I don't have BBC America

    I hope to be able to watch it but even if I can't watch the third season until they come out on DVD I am still very excited.

    Here is hoping that series three is so great that we get a series four also. I will be there as long as we get great stories and Jack/Ianto stay on the show also.


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      Re: BBC Torchwood (Possible Spoilers Ahead)

      Hold onto your garters girls. Not only is BBC America showing Season 3. BBC is releasing it in ALL formats at the end of July. Also season 2 will also be released on bluray.

      I'm jizzing my pants!!!


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        Re: BBC Torchwood (Possible Spoilers Ahead)

        Ok... it was bad enough that they killed off Tosh and Owen last year... but now.... After watching last nights installment of Children of Earth I am sooooo NOT HAPPY!! Just when the relationship between Jack and Ianto was starting to come together!!!!!!

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          Re: BBC Torchwood (Possible Spoilers Ahead)

          (no spoilers)

          Children of Earth was outstanding but not happy to all the characters. It was very powerful stuff especially when start discussing about which children should be given to the aliens.
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            Re: BBC Torchwood (Possible Spoilers Ahead)

            I have decided with Children of Earth that Torchwood ended for me at the end of season 2. I am not only upset about what happened but I am also upset that we were lied to about it. We were told that we would love were Jack/Ianto were going in series three and I don't know about you but I didn't love it at all. I also don't like the fact that RTD is being rude in interviews to fans who are upset about what happened in the fourth episode of CoE.

            I just know that if they do get a series four that this is one fan who won't be watching it. I have no interest at all in seeing the Jack and Gwen show with other all new cast members put in with them.


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