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Who here likes HOUSE?

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  • Who here likes HOUSE?

    Are there any House fans here on the boards. If so, I have been watching the newest season lately, and so far its been okay, but not great.

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    Re: Who here likes HOUSE?

    I agree. The first seasons were much more "fun" when House was a bad boy.
    I don't see him and Cuddy together.


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      Re: Who here likes HOUSE?

      I still watch (have to watch last season still), but my interest in it has diminished over the years.

      Every episode just feels the same. Wrong diagnosis...wrong diagnosis...wrong diagnois...and then, eureka! Correct diagnosis.
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        Re: Who here likes HOUSE?

        I still watch and enjoy the writing of the show.
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          Re: Who here likes HOUSE?

          I just started getting into the show. I am working my way through Season 3 now. I thought the episode where House gets shot and hallucinates everything was one of the best hours on TV i've seen in a long time. Completely blown away.

          A close friend of mine, who is a big fan, spoiled some of the upcoming seasons for me so I have a feeling that I am not going to like much past season 4 due to the fact that I love the ensemble and I hear it goes through a few changes. But so far I really like the show and am highly entertained.

          If you like Hugh Laurie may I recommend both "A bit of Fry and Laurie" and Blackadder. Both available through Netflix instant que!
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            Re: Who here likes HOUSE?

            I've watched all episodes through season 4. When season 5 came out it was hit or miss. Season 6 I watched the first few and the rest was hit or miss. The show kind of lost interest for me. Besides at the time I was missing seasons 5 & 6, I was getting into Burn Notice and Royal Pains.....totally love those shows.
            And the current season 7 I've watched a few shows. Doesn't surprise me that House has finally gotten Cuddy. But you also know what that means, its the beginning of the ending. The chase for the girl is finally over, and usually when that happens its only a matter of time before the show gets killed.


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