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Phantom of the opera

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  • Phantom of the opera

    Hey guys I have been wondering what animated movie Disney should make and I thought of Phantom of the opera it has a great storyline and has greatmusic and it could be touched up with a little disney flare. what are your thoughts?

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    Re: Phantom of the opera

    Didn't work well for me as a movie, don't think an animated one would be better.

    Works great as a stage show, not so well as a movie. In my biased opinion.

    I don't know. Maybe an animated movie could be fun but I think it would lose something. I feel a distance from the drama, somehow, when I think of an animated version.

    I think something brand new would be fun. I'm kind of tired of remakes.
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      Re: Phantom of the opera

      Nah, I prefer the silent film starring Lon Chaney.

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