My time is coming to a close. Not today, maybe not tomorrow but sometime is the not so distant future for time is a fleeting thing. I know that now after living 55 years. When I was young, there was plenty of room to run and play, the air was clean and so was the water. There were lot's of birds, plenty of butterflys, crickets beyond imagination. Fifty-five years later, they are almost gone if not forgotten. When was the last time you saw a ladybug? Maybe in the country but not where I grew up and live now. The mix of the neighborhood has changed. We used to know each other and looked after each other. Now everyone lives in their little castle divided by fear and language.

When I grew up, we had 20 cent gas, LP and 45 records and Black and White TV. As I grew up, I saw the begining of the move to outer space, the 8 track, cassette, CD, MP3 player and the IPod. We had rotery phones with numbers that contained letters. I remember the first time I saw a touch Tone phone. It was at Disneyland. Wow, incredible. I rember the change to Color Television. I was underwhelmed until I saw "The Wizard of Oz" in color. I have had wonderful pets that have come and gone in my life. Each one, ripping the heart out of my chest. I have seen loved ones die reminding me of my own mortality. I have but one family member left and she is living on borrowed time. Life has gone by to quick.

I guess it has come to the time to look into the future. In just a few months, a new era of Televisin is about to begin. Digital! The most efficient form of delivery to date. Analog which has served us well, will die. Automobiles in the future will be running on another fuel source like Hydrogen. Self renewing and non-poluting. Will the world wake up and stop polluting the air? Don't know. We have been trying a long time but the power people are not willing to commit. Where will our Electronics go? What's next in personqal communications? I can't look that far ahead. I just wish I could be here to see it.