I watched FrozenFrozen DVD. Of course, we had to watch it as soon as we got home from the store. I had seen mixed opinions/reviews of the movie here on MC and on other Disney fan sites, so I was interested in seeing it myself.

I've seen a lot of people praising the lesson children (especially girls) learn from Anna. She is strong, loving, proactive, and although she gets help from Kristoff she is the one who ultimately acts to heal her sister and fix the problem.

I've also seen people praising the lesson children learn from Elsa. She has a creative force that can be used to do good things when she controls it, and that can do harm when she does not. Learning to control our impulses and use them in appropriate ways is one of the gauges we apply to measure progress from childhood to adulthood.

Of course, there is also the overarching lesson that love is the most powerful weapon against any adversity.

Although I agree these are important lessons, I think we are overlooking the more important lesson in FrozenTHISThe Hunchback of Notre Dame started this lesson; a character many would consider a monster is the kindest, most humane person in the movie. Gaston from Beauty and the Beast 2016 is fulfilled, The Boy will have moved on from his fascination with Frozen~Attic Haunt