I hired a contractor back on July 29, 2009 to remodel my attic so that the mother of my grandson could have a cheaper place to live. I figure the fringe benefits to me, would include getting to see my grandson, Sean more often.

I own a 2 flat building, and I have a tenant that has been our tenant forever. If I had it my way, I would have asked my tenant, Diana to move out, so that Kathy, (Sean's mom) could move above us in the 2 bedroom apartment that is above ours, and below our attic.

My husband says, you can't do that, it's just not right. So instead, I came up with the idea to remodel the attic. The attic is pretty big. Big enough that, for the 20+ years that I have lived here, I have stored all my extra stuff up there. The attic didn't have a bathroom though, and of course there's also no heat. So even though there was one finished room up there, you could never spend too much quality time there.

I remember the night that my husband and I were out to dinner with Kathy and Sean. It was that night, after Kathy made a few comments about finances. I got to thinking. Why couldn't we fix up our attic? Put a bathroom up there, and let Kathy live there. That way when Sean was with his mom he would be there too.

Sean is the same as many other kids are nowadays. Mom and dad don't live together. Sean spends time with mom, and Sean spends time with dad.

I think my husband thought I was crazy when I first mentioned the idea. Once I decided to do it, I discussed it in great length with Kathy. I explained to her how she would have to pay me rent, so that I could pay for the attic. Kathy was excited. She agreed to my plan, and it was full speed ahead. I hired a contractor pretty quickly.

I know that July 29, was a long time ago, however when you ask the City of Chicago for a building permit it can be very time consuming. It's also better to do things, "by the book", so as to not cause yourself a lot of grief later on.

I am sitting here now waiting for a phone call from the contractor. Today is the first step in our remodeling project. The upgrading of my electrical wiring. That ought to be interesting. The City needs to inspect everything.

So stay tuned, as I blog about my attic remodel. I am hoping this is more fun than not. I guess we shall see.....