I haven't heard word one from my contractor since Tuesday. He said he was going to get back to me on Wednesday, but he didn't. I came down with a cold, so I'm kind of glad that I got to rest up a bit before he finally gets over here and starts the work.

I do get aggravated when people say they are going to do something and they don't, but he's running the show and I'm not the nagging type.

Kathy looked over the architect's plans the other day, and raised some concerns. I thought a few of them were valid, but worrying about furniture placement when no work has begun seemed a little ridiculous to me.

Sometimes I regret telling people anything, because then they bombard you with ridiculous questions. My tenant is like that. I guess she's been around here so long that she takes a lot for granted. I don't care if her cats are going to be upset if they can't go in the attic anymore.

Silence. I love it, but at the moment I am getting it from the wrong person.