I had a super great time in the Dells with my grandson and my husband. We had some rain, but it did not spoil our fun.

When we got home today, I was greeted by my neighbor/tenant who bought me a cute Mickey card, and beautiful birthday flowers. When nobody else even gave me a card, I figured it was just the excitement of the trip.

However, later on tonite my grandson and his girlfriend arrived with a beautiful birthday cake. The only glitch was that Sean had bought the wrong number candles, and put them on top of the cake. He did hedge his bet by adding a ?.

He made me 64 instead of 63. "Don't rush your granny Sean". I'll get there soon enough.

After much singing and a few pictures we ate cake.

My older son then called. He doesn't usually miss his mom's birthday. My younger son is one that never remembers. Just proves how different 2 sons can be.