I had a hard time finding my way to the proper place to make another entry in this Blog. However, after much looking, and clicking, I finally discovered the right place. Things sure are different here at MiceChat. I am remembering just how much this place has changed in the almost 6 years that I have been here. A lot of people have come and gone. A lot of people are still here, but our paths don't cross very often because our interests are different. I have learned a few things, regretted a few things, and had a whole lot of fun over the years.

My contractor has actually been doing a few things lately. Not major stuff, but just small things to make me feel a whole lot better about hanging in there, and not giving up on him.

So I am anxiously awaiting the details of the big Anniversary weekend. My tickets are all bought, and my airline and room are all booked. It can't come fast enough for me.