I still have the hole in my kitchen wall under the paneling where the plumber worked on my pipes. I was hoping that the wall would be fixed, but that hasn't happened. So today, I decided to put the shelf back up, and put a few Thanksgiving decorations on the wall, sort of as a camoflauge of the problem.

Thanksgiving is pretty uneventful at my house. My husband's brothers come over and my 2 grown sons show up as well. I always include my tenant/neighbor Diana as well. All her family are in St. Louis, and she never travels back there. She says she wouldn't, even if she could afford it. My grandson is always there as well, of course.

I have a twelve pund turkey ready to cook. I bought a Butterball one this year, which is a first. I do the usual stuff, and it is served buffet style in my kitchen.

That wall, I spoke of just happens to be the wall where everybody always stands for pictures. I like to take a lot of family pictures, especially since we don't all get together often enough to do it at other times.